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The 2nd GANIL Community Meeting will be held from September 21th to the 23rd 2020 at the Musée des Beaux Arts, Caen, France.


This meeting brings together the whole GANIL user community to discuss and coherently plan the future research programs and associated developments at GANIL. Presentations will be organized to review the different programs and the possible routes for the future of the GANIL facility.

This will include an overview of the status of the existing infrastructures (Cyclotrons, LINAC, SPIRAL1) and ongoing projects (S3 and DESIR). Dedicated sessions will be organized to present the status of spectrometers (LISE, VAMOS) the detectors (FAZIA, EXOGAM, AGATA, MUST2/MUGAST, PARIS, ACTAR-TPC, NEDA…). A focus on the opportunities and status of the new NFS facility will be discussed in detail. Present progress and future plans of CIMAP (inter disciplinary) studies will be presented. Theoretical developments relevant to the GANIL physics programs will also be discussed.


The presentations are meant to trigger discussions among the GANIL users, to help outline the future experimental programs at GANIL, and related theoretical research initiatives. The discussions will provide important input and guidance to the GANIL management for defining future calls for PAC. The status of the recent initiative taken by CEA and CNRS in setting up an expert committee to help guide GANIL and its scientific community plan  the long-term future of GANIL will be discussed.







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